Welcome to Black Cab Coffee Co

Unique, creative and highly passionate we believe strongly in quality service and excellent artisan coffee. Our menu starts with the tenet of excellent quality and presentation with locally sourced produce, outdoor reared meat and fusions of flavours and cultures.

The brands we have worked with are a testament to our outstanding services and impressive quality. We are not just coffee, we are a London icon with excellent coffee!

You can hire a taxi for your party, event or festival
Add something unique to your event with our individually designed black cabs serving coffee and cocktails

Our Story

The first of its kind, The Black Cab Coffee Co was the brainchild of Graham Buck & Emmy Osman. It began brewing four years ago when the couple converted their first black cab to serve coffee.

The vision was simple – to add theatre to the art of coffee making by using an iconic symbol of London to serve what so many people look forward to the most; a cup of coffee. To make sure we had both the style and the substance we gathered the finest equipment to accompany the classic vehicle. The ultimate in grinder technology, our prized espresso machine from Italy. We hit the road and haven’t looked back since.